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Securepoint VPN clients

Of course all Securepoint VPN and UTM solutions are compatible with all established VPN servers and VPN clients from third party dealers such as NCP, Greenbow etc. and can be used with chargeable VPN Clients. Securepoint VPN and UTM products support the following protocols: L2TP/PPTP, IPsec via X.509-Certificate/IKE and Preshared Keys, SSL VPN (OpenVPN) and are Windows 7-Ready with IKEv1 and IKEv2 supporting. With Securepoint you can order all kind of different VPN Clients or use the Securepoint Open VPN client instead.

Why buy a VPN client?

The Securepoint OpenVPN client is free of charge and available on all Securepoint VPN and UTM products. The Securepoint Open VPN Client is easy to use and can also be used with VPN servers from our competitors. Securepoint prefers OpenVPN as flexible alternate, even with marked problems on the interoperability of IPsec-VPNs. OpenVPN connections just need a free choose able port (UDP or TCP), they are easy to tunnel with internet - proxies and firewalls and can be used for tap proofed communication to avoid internet censorship.

Features of the Securepoint OpenVPN client

The Securepoint OpenVPN Client offers a lot:
  • Easy installation
  • Easy-to-use user interface to administer many VPN connections
  • Set-up wizard for an easy VPN connection set up
  • Easy export of configurations incl. Certificate Authority (CA) certificate, key-and script data
  • Codification of exported configuration
  • Easy import of foreign OpenVPN configurations
  • Automatically implementation of programs, if a VPN tunnel is established
  • Log-viewer for the analysis of transfer data
  • Implementation in a system tray, with a status display from windows

VPN with OpenVPN
OpenVPN is an on SSL/TLS based VPN solution. The coding and the authorization on OpenVPN are made by the, as very safe known openSSL. With this it is very easy to realise highest safety demands. As transport protocol the robust User Datagram Protocol is used by OpenVPN. The very slight protocol overhead is the reason for the good Performance and VPN data throughput. Securepoint OpenVPN uses the real safe authorization method with the X.509, which is supported from the Securepoint UTM solutions for years already. Here for is just a valid certificate needed, to log in at the gateway. In combination with the Securepoint OpenVPN client and the Securepoint UTM systems the complex coding- and authorization method is simple and clearly arranged.

Securepoint supports the OpenVPN community.

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