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Securepoint UTM firewalls, UTM managed services products and VPN clients

Unified Threat Management (UTM) security solutions are to provide all important security applications within a corresponding server environment, to ensure a smooth update of all systems and to make the everyday usage of these systems successful for the user. All important security applications like firewall, VPN gateway, virus scanner, spam filter, web filter, IDS... are integrated in Securepoint UTMs. Securepoint is Windows 7 ready and supports IKEv1 und IKEv2. Security is essential for all businesses. However, different customers need different system sizes and services. That is why Securepoint has developed a whole range of UTM security appliances. The Securepoint UTM Security Solution is also available as a pure software solution which can be installed on standard computer systems and may be adjusted according to individual requirements.

Product high-lights
  • Complete network security in one easy-to-use system and with one license!
  • Securepoint sets standards in utilization! The Securepoint Web Cockpit for a fast start and an easy configuration of Securepoint UTM solutions.
  • Easy administration of up to 65,535 systems meeting the requirements of ISPs and branch managers with the Securepoint Operation Center!
  • You do not require more security than this! A real all-in-one UTM without hidden costs: Outstanding protection through optimal coordination of security modules on strong and affordable appliances.
  • Integrated firewall-, AntiVirus, IDS- and VPN-function for the protection against hackers, exploits and worms in the network.
  • Securepoint is Windows 7 ready and supports IKEv1 und IKEv2.
  • Integrated Multi Path Routing for redundant and fast Internet connections.
  • Integrated High Availability (HA) with automatical update and for redundant gateways.
  • Monitoring and protection of the internet/web-access: automatic virus scanning, intelligent content filtering, URL filtering, authentication, reporting.
  • Complete filtering of spam, viruses and phishing-attacks from SMTP, POP3 and Webmail traffic.
  • Extremely easy installation and intelligent user interface, easy update for fast, up-to-date and effective protection.
  • Protection of your IT-investments through simple scaling onto Securepoint high-end security solutions with "drag-and-drop".
  • Securepoint is virtual machine ready and allows to use different virtual machines, like VMWare. ... and a solution that has received several awards!
UTM products for different business sizes

UTM for small office and branches (for 1 to 10 User)

UTM for small businesses (25 User)

UTM for medium business es(50 to 250 User)

UTM for enterprises (200 to unlimited User)

UTM for VMWare and clouds (1 to unlimited User)

Securepoint Operation Center for the management of big UTM and VPN infrastructures.

Securepoint VPN Clients

Feature overview

All security functions you need in one product and fpor one price:
  • New: Securepoint Web Cockpit, the intuitive web interface for administration
  • New: Securepoint Operation Center: Central Management Tool for up to 65,535 Securepoint Appliances
  • High-End Network Firewall
  • Virus Scanner
  • Web Filter
  • Anti Spy/Phishing Filter
  • Spam Filter
  • VPN Gateway for IPSec (IKEv1 und IKEv2), OpenVPN (SSL), L2TP, PPTP
  • Intrusion Detection System
  • X509 Certificate Server
  • Proxies for HTTP, FTP (over http), SMTP, POP3, VNC, SIP/RDP
  • VoIP Support
  • Multipath Routing for 15 DSL connections
  • VLAN
  • Quality of Service
  • Load Balancing
  • High Availability
  • Clustering
  • Automatic Updates

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